4 Tips for a More Photogenic Smile

4 Tips for a More Photogenic Smile

Selfies and candid cell phone photos are ubiquitous today, yet many people are uncomfortable with how they look in pictures. Many concerns are centered around the smile. A-listers know how to flash a media-worthy smile at a moment’s notice, but the average person often struggles to do the same. Here are 4 simple tips to create a Hollywood smile in every photo.

1. Choose Your Lipstick Wisely

Lipstick shades dramatically affect the apparent color of your teeth in pictures. If your teeth are yellowed or stained, a darker lipstick with blue or pink undertones will instantly brighten your smile. Stay away from very intense shades, though, as they highlight imperfections and reproduce oddly in photos.

2. Stay Natural

Those who don’t make a living from their smiles tend to tense up in front of the camera. A wide, fake smile can look like a grimace, while a face-crinkling grin can make your face appear strangely scrunched. Breathe normally and think about happy memories, allowing your face to naturally fall into a dreamy, gentle smile. Your mouth should be slightly open, and your lower lip should follow the curve of your teeth. This is an alluring, irresistible smile that reproduces well.

3. Practice, Practice, Practice

Everyone has unique features and their own best angles. Toss your hair and pose in front of the mirror. When you feel comfortable, take a few selfies. You will look different in photos than you do in the mirror, so make sure you test out your favorite mirror poses in snapshots.

4. Consider a Smile Makeover

If your teeth are healthy but cosmetically imperfect, a smile makeover can bring out the best in your natural smile. You and your dentist will talk about your goals and expectations, go through photos of smiles that appeal to you, and use photos and X-rays to design a new smile. Remember that your goal should not be a “perfect smile,” but rather the smile that is perfect for you.

We may create a digital model of your new smile, and refine it until you are entirely satisfied. Then we will create a wax mockup of the smile. This lets us ensure that your new smile is functional as well as aesthetic, and it gives you another chance to request cosmetic changes. We will not start working on your teeth until you are happy with the wax model.

Keep in mind that a smile makeover may require multiple treatments with healing time in between. Most patients agree, though, that a stunning new smile is well worth the wait!

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