Patti Lombardi

Patti Lombardi - Dental Patient Care Coordinator

Patient Liaison/Coordinator

Patti has worked for Dr. Vocaturo for over 15 years. She is the first smile that greets you when you arrive at the office and the last one you will see on your way out. Patti has multiple years of experience as the patient liaison and will be sure to make your time at NJ Smile Center a memorable one. Her expertise is in making sure all of our patients are given appointments and completely satisfied with their treatment by the time they leave. Her real charm however, lies in her compassion towards the patients. If you are hungry, she will be sure to whip you up a snack and if you have had a bad day, she will be the first to listen with open ears. In her spare time Patti enjoys taking walks on the beach and hanging out with her grandson Luke.