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High-Tech Dentistry NJ Smile Center by Dr. Vocaturo in Colts Neck, New Jersey


High-tech Dentistry Colts Neck NJ

Advanced Technology

The Advanced Technologies at our practice allow Dr. Vocaturo to deliver great patient care and health outcomes. Patients appreciate and value our advanced technology because it results in a raised level of care and understanding of their diagnosis and dental treatment.

High-Tech Dentistry in Colts Neck NJ
Why Us

AACD Accredited Member

Dr. Anthony J. Vocaturo is one of under 500 dentists worldwide to have been awarded the status of an "accredited member" of the world’s largest international cosmetic dental organization. The AACD and its members are dedicated to advancing excellence in the science and art of cosmetic dentistry. The AACD and its members demonstrate the highest standards of ethical conduct and patient care by always practicing responsible esthetics.​

Digital X-Rays NJ Smile Center by Dr. Vocaturo in Colts Neck, New Jersey

Digital X-Rays

Digital radiography (known as digital X-ray) uses an electronic sensor instead of traditional X-ray film to capture X-ray images. The digital images are then easily stored directly to a computer.

Low dose digital X-rays have a number of advantages:

  • Digital X-rays reduce patient radiation exposure by up to 90 percent compared to the already low exposure of traditional dental X-rays.

  • Your dentist can instantly view and enlarge the images, allowing us to detect problems easier and point them out to you.

  • Digital X-rays do not require film processing, thereby eliminating the need to dispose of harmful waste products and chemicals into the environment.

Cone Beam Imaging (CBCT Scan)

Cone-beam computed tomography systems (CBCT) are a variation of traditional computed tomography (CT) systems. The CBCT systems used by dental professionals rotate around the patient, capturing data using a cone-shaped X-ray beam. These data are used to reconstruct a three-dimensional (3D) image of the following regions of the patient’s anatomy: dental (teeth); oral and maxillofacial region (mouth, jaw, and neck); and ears, nose, and throat (“ENT”).

Cone Beam Imaging (CBCT Scan) NJ Smile Center by Dr. Vocaturo in Colts Neck, New Jersey
Digital Scanning for Impressions NJ Smile Center by Dr. Vocaturo in Colts Neck, New Jersey

Digital Scanning For Impressions

A digital impression is a digital scan that creates a map of your teeth which allows you and your dentist to view your teeth on a computer screen. This is much better than trying to use a mirror to look into your mouth or just looking at an X-ray.

Digital impressions are captured by your dentist’s assistant, who slowly moves a small wand around the inside of your mouth. As the wand moves, it takes measurements and captures countless small images that are immediately stitched together by the digital impression machine’s software to form a precise map of your mouth.


The Waterlaser Dental Laser allows dentists to perform procedures on teeth, bone and gum tissue with less trauma than traditional methods using a patented technology combining laser energy and water spray, a process called Hydrophotonics.  The result is the ability of dentists to perform a wider range of dental procedures on teeth, gums and bone more comfortably.

BioLase / Diode Laser NJ Smile Center by Dr. Vocaturo in Colts Neck, New Jersey
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