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Four Tips for Proper Care After Your Smile Makeover!

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

When it comes to getting a refreshed and healthier looking mouth, nothing can compare to the results obtained with a smile makeover. Customized to each patient, this advanced dental procedure helps patients combat discolored, uneven, worn, or otherwise unattractive teeth. If you’ve been through the process or are thinking about doing so, you have some truly incredible results to look forward to. You’ll want to be sure to have an established and thorough oral health care routine to make those results last for years to come. Here are four tips for optimum oral care for everyone, regardless of whether or not you’ve had a smile makeover yet!

1) Brush at least twice a day.

It is essential to brush your teeth at least every morning and night. Ask your dentist for advice on brushing mid-day, as that’s a good idea for some people.

2) Be thorough when brushing.

Many of us are guilty of rushing through our teeth-brushing habit, but when that happens, we have a tendency cut corners and do a poor job. Give yourself time to thoroughly brush all surfaces of your teeth at different angles, and don’t forget about the tongue!

3) Floss daily.

Not only should you floss daily, but make sure to use the right technique. Tie it around one finger on each hand, then slide it between all teeth in the mouth, curving it gently against the gum to ensure you access any built-up residue.

4) See your dentist at least twice a year.

Even those patients who have excellent oral health should see their dentist twice a year for routine screenings and cleanings. Those who have had a smile makeover may go back for a number of visits within a period of a month or so for a consultation, to remove enamel, and to have the veneers placed. We often recommend that they come back a week or two later to ensure everything looks good. After that, patients can resume their twice-a-year dental visit routine.

If you need a dentist to help you deal with dental health concerns, then give us a call at 732-677-2777. You can also contact us here to schedule an appointment. We can help you fix any dental health concerns that you have. 

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